Highgate Over, Walnut Tree

The purpose of this website is to share relevant information in relation to the proposed development of the land known as Highgate Over, Walnut Tree, which is currently owned by Milton Keynes Development Partnership (MKDP).

Grand Union Housing Group (GUHG) were selected as the preferred development partner by MKDP in February 2019 following an open tender process.

GUHG has a strong track record of building new homes in and around Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and South Northamptonshire, building over 1,800 homes since the group was formed.

GUHG has assembled a team of consultants to assist them with the project:

Catalyst Land Solutions have been appointed as development consultants and project managers www.catalystlandsolutions.co.uk

Apex Planning Consultants have been appointed in relation to the planning policy and proposed planning application www.apexplanning.co.uk

GSS Architecture have been appointed to oversee the design of the development www.gssarchitecture.com

Proposed site plan:

Proposed site elevations:

Proposed site sections:

Proposed Ground Floor layout:

Proposed First Floor layout:

Proposed First Floor layout: